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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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While basic health care reforms are needed, Congress has wasted its time with an overly partisan bill brokered behind close doors with sweetheart deals that would have hurt Wisconsin families. Their version of health care reform would raise our premiums, push more costs onto state and local taxpayers, and expand entitlements beyond what taxpayers could afford.

They chose to let bureaucrats determine your health care needs instead of letting families and doctors remain in control of health care decisions -- this is a "Washington knows best" mentality that has undermined the reforms we need.

What Dan would do...

* Empower families with more choices and competition to control costs.
* Fight for tort reform that will reduce the costly misuse of defensive medicine.
* Eliminate discrimination against people with pre-existing health conditions.
* Enable the expansion of private sector health care co-operatives.
* Allow citizens to purchases health insurance across state-lines.
* Reform should target outcomes, not reward inputs that drive up costs.

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