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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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The expansion and encroachment of government into the private sector stymies economic growth and the vitality of economic freedom that has made the United States prosperous. Bailouts, reckless government spending, and a runaway national debt pose a threat to our nation's economic well being that must be reversed. Trillion has become the new billion when it comes to spending money in Washington.

Job providers today are surrounded by a climate of political and regulatory uncertainty; fearful of what the next step government takes and how it will adversely affect them. This needs to end, as it is virtually impossible for economic growth to take place under these circumstances.

Government can foster opportunities, but then government should get out of the way.

* Ron Kind voted to spend $787 billion in taxpayer dollars on a so-called jobs "stimulus plan" that failed to create jobs and resulted in 10 percent unemployment. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel studied the so-called jobs program and concluded the "employment reports from sources in Wisconsin are wildly inflated."

What Dan would do...

* Revisit the unspent portions of the $787 billion "stimulus" bill passed by Congress to purge wasteful spending.
* Oppose the expansion of the nation's debt ceiling.
* Use tax cuts to spur private-sector job growth and get money back into people's hands.
* Pass the line-item veto to help curb Congressional pork.
* Prohibit the use of returned and unused TARP funds from being used for a second stimulus or other spending.
* Oppose Card Check legislation. As a business owner, I respect the rights of employees to unionize if they choose. However, eliminating the secret ballot is not part of our American process.

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