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Goodlatte: Soering Transfer Stopped


Location: Unknown

Congressman Bob Goodlatte released the following statement in support of the Department of Justice's announcement that they will honor Governor McDonnell's revocation of the request, made by former Governor Tim Kaine, to transfer convicted murderer Jens Soering.

"I am pleased that after repeated contacts by my office, Governor Bob McDonnell and other state representatives, the Department of Justice has finally acknowledged that Virginia does not want convicted murderer Jens Soering transferred to Germany. This announcement is a huge relief for the victims of his horrific crimes, the residents of Central Virginia, and Virginia's law enforcement community. Further, this announcement reinforces the decision made by the Virginia judicial system that convicted Jens Soerings of these crimes."

Before leaving office Virginia Governor Tim Kaine requested a transfer for convicted murdered Jens Soering to Germany. The transfer of Soering to Germany would have meant that Soering could have conceivably served just two additional years or less of his two life sentences for the brutal murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom. Congressman Goodlatte wrote to the Department of Justice on two separate occasions urging DOJ to deny the transfer. Additionally, Congressman Goodlatte questioned Attorney General Eric Holder on this matter during Holder's appearance at the House Judiciary Committee on May 13, 2010.

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