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Where are the Jobs?

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARTER. Mr. Speaker, I love these debates about Social Security and this conversation about Social Security. But if you don't have a job, who's going to pay the Social Security? So it's really about jobs.

I had an interview today with some radio folks back in my district, and they asked a question, Have we created any jobs but government jobs? And how come we are creating government jobs that get paid more than the private-sector jobs? When did we get confused about that? They wanted me to answer the question, Where are the jobs for the folks in Texas? Where are the jobs for the folks in the other States? Why are all the jobs just in Washington, DC, growing the government?

This administration has destroyed thousands of private-sector jobs by taking over and Federalizing the student loan program and making loans harder to get and taking longer to be processed. Now President Obama and this administration have unilaterally killed tens of thousands of jobs in the gulf, in direct violation of a Federal court order.

Now, is this a way we create jobs for America? The question they want to know, Where are the jobs, so, with a job, we can pay our share of Social Security?

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