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Vitter: Obama Administration Must Stop Ignoring Sanctuary Cities


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today made the following comments after the Obama administration announced it would not take action against cities with sanctuary policies that bar local law enforcement officials from verifying the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens or reporting illegal aliens to Immigration and Custom Enforcement for deportation.

"This administration's idea of immigration enforcement is to go after the states and local officials actually trying to enforce the laws on the books," said Vitter. "They are demonizing those that look to protect our border and end illegal immigration while giving a wink and nod of approval to sanctuary cities that don't enforce our laws.

"And the votes I've forced in the Senate that would prevent federal assistance from going to cities that chose to ignore immigration laws prove that this liberal Senate has no mindset for enforcement," said Vitter.

In 2008, Vitter offered an amendment that would withhold law enforcement funding from cities that continue to practice sanctuary policies and not enforce the federal immigration laws currently on the books. He is the chairman of the Senate Border Security Caucus.

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