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Kristi Noem Supports Measure to Enforce Immigration Laws


Location: Sioux Falls, SD

South Dakota Republican U.S. House Candidate Kristi Noem voiced her support for a measure before Congress that would defund an Obama administration lawsuit to fight the recently passed Arizona immigration law.

"I support the rights of the State of Arizona, or any other state for that matter, to uphold the law of the land since the federal government has failed to do so. Illegal immigration must come to and end. Since the federal government has failed in its leadership on this issue it is not surprising that states have stepped up and are working to enforce the law and secure the border. The last thing the federal government should do is stand in their way," said Noem.

"If elected, I would support efforts in the House similar to the amendment Senator DeMint is sponsoring in the Senate to withhold funds from the Obama Administration's attempt to fight the Arizona law in court. South Dakotans should call on Congresswoman Herseth Sandlin to offer a similar amendment in the U.S. House and stand up against illegal immigration," said Noem.

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) introduced an amendment recently that would prohibit President Obama's administration, including the Department of Justice and other agencies, from participating in lawsuits seeking to invalidate the recently enacted Arizona immigration law. The DeMint amendment (#4464) could be voted on this week as part of the debate on the small business bill on the Senate floor.

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