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Thank You for learning more about my "Jobs & Prosperity" platform!

We must decide how to meet these economic problems. We must not shrink away from the challenges beset our state, but rather rise to the occasion resolute in restoring a fertile business climate that can produce the job opportunities that create wealth and prosperity.

The majority leadership has failed in economic forethought. When times were good additional revenues should have been placed aside, and when budgets were lean with recession, the majority was busy expanding government and increasing the number of public employees.

We are avoiding the painful medicine of prudence and allowing the unbalanced majority in our state government to continue their knee-jerk reactions and ill-equipped economic plans, then we are failing our children and diminishing future success.

I will always advocate on the behalf of true prosperity and put forth the same vigor many of you have shown throughout this recession.

Here are my plans to bring Oregon back into prosperity:

First, we need to change the culture in Salem that thinks additional taxes can solve every problem.

Secondly, we need to establish a business climate that encourages economic growth and job opportunities.

Thirdly, we need to repeal measure 66&67. Taxes cannot be absorbed by business owners alone without the burden being placed on all Oregonians.

We are having tough economic times, and how we approach these problems will determine the future of family wage jobs in Oregon for years to come. Using Oregonian tax dollars wisely with adequate accountability can ensure proven quality performance of government programs.

Specifically, I would re-introduce my 6% growth bill. This bill would limit government growth to 6% annually to retain government growth slightly above the average rate of inflation. The remaining revenue would be placed into the Rainy Day Fund and couldn't be withdrawn unless there was negative economic growth.

Issues RightWe should look into comprehensive PERS reform and we should reconsider having state employees pay into their health insurance at the same rate as our public teachers do. Today, the state of Oregon pays $56 Million per month for public employee health insurance premiums. In 2009, I supported the bill that would do just that and incrementally increase public employee payment participation. We should reduce the capital gains tax and begin to encourage companies to remain and relocate in Oregon so we can acquire more family-wage jobs. These are just a few common sense solutions Oregon needs.

As State Representative, I fought against the hostile leadership in the House that raised our taxes to the tune of $1.6 billion during the worst recession since the 1930's. Taxes and fees have a rippling effect throughout our state economy. When taxes and fees are increased, spending, hiring, and investment decreases. We need to remember that introducing means to allow corporations in Oregon to continue family wage jobs is good for all of us. We must be careful not to hinder economic progress and to maintain Oregon as a viable option to locate and operate a business. The success of our State economy is determined by the prosperity of our citizens.

Cap and Trade policy should be defined through federal legislation to provide standard quotas and equal benchmarks for all states. We must remember that Oregon is in competition with 49 other states and the entire globe for businesses. We must not reach for knee-jerk responses that can create more problems than solve. Given the fact that as of March 2010, Oregon was facing 11.7% unemployment we need to be sure that we aren't enacting policies that adversely affect our job opportunities. Oregon has a good track record of enacting environmental policy and currently has some of the strictest laws, but now we need to foster job growth that allows responsible business practices to put Oregonians back to work.

I think that Oregonians deserve to keep their hard earned money in the tax kicker. We need to remember that every tax dollar we spend is derived from our family budgets and shouldn't be spent carelessly. When citizens retain more of their money, we are allowing the economy to operate as it should. Government can trust our citizens to spend their money on products and services they need, and in turn their money will transfer from individual to business and back to the state creating wealth, job opportunities, and true prosperity.

Please join me, and together we can bring jobs and prosperity back to Oregon!

Together, we will tackle such issues as, how to restore Oregon's once fertile business climate, and how to recreate a business friendly state that promotes prosperity and expands employment opportunities.

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