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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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Energy Security for America, Jobs for Iowa

Economic growth requires a stable and secure energy supply. However, as our nation's energy demand increases combined with competing market pressures from growing economies like China and India, the price of energy and the countries who control those sources of energy put our economy and national security in a vulnerable position. We must become energy independent.

I support an "all of the above" approach to energy to increase the diversity of our national energy portfolio and over time decrease our vulnerability when it comes to price spikes as a result of global instability or increases in global demand. That means in addition to encouraging the use of alternative fuel sources, we must make use of our abundant domestic resources like coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, wind, bio and solar.

I support continued investments in making coal burn cleaner, developing liquefied coal, increasing domestic oil production, making it easier to bring new refineries online to help with demand, and investing in alternative fuels like hydrogen, wind, and solar. We have one of the finest nuclear facilities with the Duane Arnold plant in Palo, Iowa, and it should be permitted to bring another plant online.

In the Midwest, we have abundant wind resources that should continue to be developed, as well as ethanol from corn and switch grass, bio and soy bio-diesel (being mindful of food supply), manure digesters and landfill waste management.

And with coal as our nation's most abundant, cheapest and efficient energy resource, already providing half of America's power needs, it would be a grave mistake to ignore it simply because it is a fossil fuel. There are more than 200 years of available coal reserves within our borders, the equivalent of 3 times Saudi Arabia's proven oil reserves.

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