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Stabenow, Menendez Discuss the Republican Job-Killing Agenda

Press Conference

Location: Washington, DC

Senate Democratic Steering Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow and Senator Bob Menendez held a press conference this afternoon to discuss how Republicans have tried to stop the creation of millions of American jobs. From opposing tax cuts for small businesses to opposing clean energy jobs to protecting tax loopholes for CEOs, Senate Republicans have tried to kill policies that are creating jobs across the country. Democrats are standing up for the middle class, and will continue to work to create jobs and get our economy back on track.

"Senate Democrats have passed legislation that is helping our economy recover- creating millions of jobs- yet our Republican colleagues have tried to block these measures at every opportunity along the way," said Senator Stabenow. "From opposing tax cuts to help small businesses to blocking the extension of unemployment benefits for millions of American families struggling to find work, Republicans continue their attempt to cut off our economic recovery, so they can take us back to the policies that got us into this economic downturn in the first place. It's time Republicans quit trying to block efforts that are putting Americans back to work."

"Republicans have a clear record of opposing job creation legislation, but they still have sought to create the impression that lingering softness in the jobs market is the fault of Democrats," said Senator Menendez. "They should look in the mirror. If you enthusiastically supported the policies that devastated the jobs market in the first place, and you enthusiastically work to block a range of job creation legislation during the recovery, then it is fair to say that you have adopted a Job Killer Agenda."

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