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McCaskill Statement On GOP SUpport Of Spending Caps


Location: Washington, DC

After more than six months of fighting for an amendment to curb the growth in spending, today U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill again renewed her commitment following the announcement by Senate Republican appropriators that they will not support any Fiscal Year 2011 spending bills that exceed the spending caps proposed by the Sessions-McCaskill amendment. McCaskill has tirelessly sought to pass the amendment, introduced with colleague Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), that would cap increases in discretionary spending over the next three years. In light of record-breaking deficits, Sessions and McCaskill have received votes on the measure several times, but have fallen just short of the needed 60 vote each time.

"The bottom line is we need to get this amendment passed, so I'm excited that Senate Republicans are fighting harder for its passage," McCaskill said. "I hope more of my fellow Democrats - including the President - will decide to join us and help put a stop to the run-away spending that has become the norm in Washington."

The measure would restrict increases in non-defense discretionary spending to an average of 1 percent and defense discretionary spending to an average of 1.7 percent each year. The caps exclude funding for Congressionally-authorized military action, and they can be waived in other cases of emergency with 60 votes. Outside of those exceptions, Congress would be required to limit growth in spending for the next three years. Similar statutory spending caps in place during the 1990s helped Congress reach a balanced budget.

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