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Issue Position: GOP Principles

Issue Position


The Republican Party: First Principles

The strength of our Party here in Kansas provides a two-pronged guide star for determining the direction that our Party must take under these two leaders.

First, despite the exhortations of the media, America has not moved left and our Party need not do so to appeal to a broad electorate. The Republican Party should sincerely support our new President when he is right, but, to win elections, it need never vary from this core principle: freedom, combined with rewards for risk taking, drives prosperity. That prosperity is importantly, but not exclusively, measured in GDP and increase in financial capital. It is also measured in liberty. Individual autonomy, protection of property rights, free trade among nations, limited government and broad political freedoms must be recognized by our Party as the most noble engines for prosperity that the world has ever seen. Americans and Kansans have an inherent disdain for top-down solutions and understand the intellectual bankruptcy of centralized planning. Our Party must honor that good sense understanding of the people.

Second, the Party must return to its roots as the Party of moral responsibility and virtue. This idea imposes duties on both elected leaders and each citizen. Our Party must demand equality of educational opportunity for all and demand that parents focus their children on receiving value from that opportunity. Our Party must demand the culture of life be at forefront of our conversation and that private organizations must be set free to provide support to our Party's deep commitment to the poor and the marginalized. Our Party must demand that, while we live in a fallen world, our Republican elected officials adhere to the highest standards of ethical and moral behavior in carrying out the people's work and that our citizens are treated not as victims but as moral beings capable of sound decision making.

Each of these principles leads to practical solutions for our current challenges and we must articulate those solutions alongside the beliefs that support them. Despite the rhetoric, the Democrat Party stands in direct opposition to each of our Party's core principles. President Obama and Governor Sebelius expressly reject the teaching of C.S. Lewis that "of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive." Absent the Republican Party acting as the bulwark against government expansion, we risk the greatest loss of liberty in two generations. Our two new Republican Party leaders will, I am confident, understand that the sharing of wealth by force of government power must always be the last resort, anything more destroys not only wealth, but the soul.

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