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Issue Position: Afghanistan

Issue Position


While I am pleased that the president has now finally announced his Afghanistan strategy and a troop level increase, it remains inexcusable that he took so long to do so. It is concerning too, that, after months of policy briefings and back and forth, he has chosen not to provide the full level of resources and national commitment that our fighters on the ground deserve and that General McChrystal said were needed to maximize the chance of success. The lack of decisive action -- coupled with talk of exit ramps and the telegraphing of potential deadlines -- serves to give aid and comfort to our enemies, to create at least some level of doubt as to our resolve among our allies and, worse yet, unforgivably fails to provide the total commitment of our national means to our servicemen in the field.

It is time for the President to quit playing the game of blaming the former administration and to lead. He needs to develop a strategy for success and make certain that our brave men and women in the field have the resources and support they need to execute that mission. Our enemy is not measured, but rather barbaric, ruthless and fully committed. If this war is necessary, then our response must be equal to that task and not limited in time and not fought with political correctness and restrictive rules of engagement driving policy and planning. The President must leave behind his indecision and show the world that America, when its interests are at stake, will prevail.

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