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Chinese Trade Deficit

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Press reports today show that our trade deficit with China has jumped to $22.3 billion dollars--in 1 month.

Now President Obama wants to double down on Afghanistan with a counterterrorism strategy for $30 billion that many of us believe won't work. But that's because he's a war-fighting President.

This is a war with China, it's a trade war, and we have surrendered to China. Secretary Geithner pretends they aren't manipulating their currency. Our Special Trade Representative pretends they aren't precluding American products with unfair trade barriers. We never file complaints against their unfair trade barriers precluding our products from getting into their country.

We are losing the trade war with China. We're losing our national manufacturing base. We need those jobs. We can't keep borrowing money from China to buy things that we used to make in America. That's not a sustainable system.

Wake up downtown at the White House, please.

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