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Space to Senate: The American People Are Waiting on You

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Continuing his fight to help out-of-work Ohioans who are desperately seeking employment, U.S. Rep. Zack Space (OH-18) today lambasted the Senate for -- once again -- leaving Washington to go back home without passing an extension of unemployment insurance.

"Once again, the Senate has shown that they're more concerned with playing politics with the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans who are struggling every day just to feed their families," said Space. "That is beyond reprehensible. That is unconscionable. And to say that I am disappointed and outraged would be an understatement."

"In the House, we've done our job. We've passed an extension of this crucial program several times, hoping that the Senate will do what's right and act. And again, Ohio families are suffering because of their failure. These Senators are putting politics above the people they're supposed to be serving. They should immediately stop trying to score political points, stop playing political games, and pass this bill immediately. Not after the elections, not next month. NOW."

"Unemployed workers across Ohio need these benefits to stay out of food lines and keep their homes from being foreclosed on. To leave Washington without action and continue to do nothing is an abomination," Space continued.

On Thursday, the House voted to extend jobless benefits for those who have been laid off, but once again Republicans in the Senate have blocked even a simple vote on the legislation. More than 1.3 million Americans have already lost benefits since the last extension ran out at the end of May, and by the end of this week, that number will rise to 1.7 million. By the end of July, it will top 3 million.

Congressman Space has represented Ohio's 18th Congressional District since 2007. He has been working to restore integrity to the office, and to create the conditions to bring new industry and jobs to Ohio. Recently, Congressman Space launched FIGHTING TO RENEW OHIO, the second phase of his plan to provide long-term economic growth in Ohio's 18th Congressional District.

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