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Issue Position: Gaming Revenue

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

* I will always keep local funds local.

* I will work hard to maintain revenue.

Many people want to know where I stand on the issue of revenues generated by the gaming industry in our district. I have heard concerns that tax revenues from gaming riverboats in our district won't stay local. Let me be firm and specific on this issue; I will fight to keep funds raised from local gaming in local communities. I will always advocate that revenues that are raised here should stay here! No matter where you stand on the issue of gambling, I'm sure we all recognize that taxes generated here should stay here.

The gaming industry has generated a source of income to our area that is much needed, and we have, in many respects, become dependant upon it. I will never support our State putting their hands into our pocket for those funds. But with Ohio passing into legislation the gaming industry it is no longer enough to simply protect our gaming money from Indianapolis. With competition so close it is going to be increasingly important that we work hard to make our corner of the state an attractive, accommodating and enjoyable destination for people who want to take advantage of our gaming industry. We will need to be proactive and attack this issue vigilantly and with forethought for our future. I believe it's not enough for us to sit back and enjoy what we have, we must move forward and work to secure our future. By working hard to provide social and economic opportunities, as well as a beautiful place to live, work and visit, we all can come out ahead.

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