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Issue Position: Tax Relief

Issue Position

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* Permanent Property Tax Relief!

Everyone across the state, and here in our own neighborhoods, has realized the problem with our property tax system. We need to work towards a goal that we all have in common. We need to ensure that we preserve the dreams and realities of millions of Hoosiers. The people of southeastern Indiana work too hard to be taxed out of their homes. The Indiana Legislative branch has taken steps towards relieving the property tax situation, but there is much more work that needs to be done. Without hard work and responsive, qualified representation that has an eye on the future, this problem isn't going away! We should all be able to enjoy our homes without the fear of losing them to the mounting costs of an ever-expanding government. I know how important your family's home is to you. I will work hard to ensure that you don't run the risk of losing it to a government that is reckless with your hard earned tax dollars.

* Cut Wasteful Government Spending!

* Government accountability to the tax payers!

It is impossible to discuss any kind of meaningful tax relief without discussing government spending. It seems like every time we turn around these days we are faced with the news that our government is spending billions if not trillions of our hard earned dollars. While it obviously takes money to run a State and a Country, there is way to much wasteful government spending going on. Often this is because our officials aren't listening to what the folks at home want and our out of touch with our needs. We need representation that will take the time to listen to the problems that people who work every day to pay taxes have, and who will be responsive to their needs. With the current state of our economy our government's budget is going to have to be re-examined to ensure that the money that is entrusted to the government is spent wisely. Our government must be held accountable for the money that is spent, money that we work hard to put in its hands. By insisting on accountability and responsibility we can take advantage of opportunities to keep money in the pockets of those who work hard to provide it. Only by insisting on accountability can we resolve the issues of permanent property tax relief, make sure that our money is spent wisely on the education of our children, and provide a better quality of life for our families.

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