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The Journal Gazette: Help Small Business on Ellsworth Agenda

News Article

Location: Fort Wayne, IL

Rep. Brad Ellsworth began unveiling his platform as a U.S. Senate candidate during a stop in Fort Wayne on Monday morning.

Ellsworth, D-8th, a former sheriff of Vanderburgh County, outlined a broad framework for how to help Indiana businesses create jobs, including eliminating red tape and providing long-term tax help.

While he said the economy is seeing some signs of a rebound, there is much work to be done.

"Putting people back to work is going to solve a lot of the issues," he said.

During his stop, he also defended his support for the financial and automotive bailouts because Hoosiers in those industries said steps had to be taken to avoid a true economic collapse.

He focused mostly on small businesses, saying in part he wanted to eliminate bureaucratic hurdles they face in meeting government regulations and to make it easier for them to borrow money.

Another plan Ellsworth said he supports is making tax cuts permanent for small businesses so they can better plan for the future instead of worrying whether laws will continuously change.

"We have to give businesses stability," he said.

In November, Ellsworth will face Republican Dan Coats, a former senator, for the seat being vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh.

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