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Teague and Democrats in Washington Fail to Lead on Creating Jobs


Location: Hobbs, NM

As Congress fails to pass a budget and unemployment reports continue to show that New Mexican families are still struggling, it is clear that Teague and his fellow Democrats are failing to lead the country towards an economic recovery. Washington Democrats have recently been promising a "recovery summer" but economic indicators continue to show otherwise.

Steve Pearce offers the plan to get New Mexico working again:

"First, Congress must stop doing harm to the economy. The current policies coming out of Washington are killing jobs. The Cap and Trade bill is a job-killer and the Stimulus bills are failures.

"Next, we must bring jobs back to New Mexico. To do that, we must lower taxes, reduce spending, stop printing money to stabilize the value of the dollar, get the size of government under control and review all regulations that are killing jobs and replace them with balanced regulations that will protect the worker, the economy and allow jobs to be created."

Pearce continued, "Harry Teague and his Democrat colleagues continue to ignore the problems facing New Mexicans. We need solutions to bring jobs back to New Mexico not more failed big government policies that end up costing taxpayers money and fail to create jobs."

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