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Where does Perriello Stand on Arizona's Law To Stop Illegal Immigration?


Location: Chatham, VA

Yesterday, Attorney General Eric Holder and the federal government filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking Arizona's immigration bill that was signed into law. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's new immigration law will crack down on illegal immigration that has run rampant in Arizona for decades and taken jobs away from Americans. The new immigration law is also designed to enforce the laws that the federal government has had on the books for many decades, but has failed to implement.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support the new Arizona immigration law (see here), but President Obama has called it "a misdirected effort."

Robert Hurt, Republican nominee in Virginia's Fifth Congressional District released the following statement:

"I support Arizona's immigration law and I would hope that our Congressman, this Congress and our President would stand with Arizonans. We need to fight to secure our borders and refuse amnesty to people who have come to our country illegally. Enforcing the current immigration laws is something that the federal government has fundamentally failed to do.

Illegal immigration is a jobs and spending issue. We've seen jobs shipped overseas and we've seen areas where illegal aliens have taken the jobs that hard-working Virginians should have. Furthermore, our tax dollars should not go to paying welfare, medical care and other expenses our country incurs because of illegal immigration.

We need leadership in Washington that will take these difficult issues head on. As Virginia's next Congressman, I pledge to fight to secure our borders, enforce the immigration laws we currently have on the books and make sure that amnesty is not an option so that we can cut government spending and get Virginians working again."

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