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Byrne Responds to President Obama's Address on BP Oil Spill


Location: Montgomery, AL

Statement from Republican gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne following President Obama's address to the nation tonight on the BP oil spill.

"At a time when our state is dealing with the costly and heartbreaking effects of the worst environmental disaster in American history, I had hoped to hear from a president committed to using the power of his office to expedite the cleanup and claims reimbursement so desperately needed on our Gulf Coast. While I was encouraged to hear of some developments in that regard, I was more disappointed to see that President Obama's real energy is focused on using this disaster to advance a costly and unproven environmental agenda that will raise prices, kill jobs, and weaken our economic competitiveness.

"It's time for Alabamians and citizens throughout the Gulf Coast region to fight for our way of life. We must pull together and call on the president and Congress not only to hold BP fully responsible for all damages, costs and recovery efforts, but to ensure a full recovery on America's Gulf Coast before turning their attention to politics and policy that will only do further damage.

"To orchestrate another liberal Washington power grab in the midst of this catastrophe, as the president suggested tonight, would be remarkably counterproductive and add insult to injury."

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