Issue Position: Jobs and Economy

Issue Position

By:  Kelly Ayotte
Date: Jan. 1, 2010
Location: Unknown

Kelly Ayotte is committed to strengthening New Hampshire's economy and nurturing new opportunities for business owners. She understands the critical role that entrepreneurs and small business owners play in ensuring that New Hampshire has a vibrant economy.

Kelly knows that small businesses, not the government, create jobs. Kelly's husband, Joe, is a small business owner and she worked with him to help create the business. When Joe returned from serving in the Iraq war, he started a landscaping and snowplowing business. When Joe started the business, there were many nights he needed help. Kelly shoveled snow through the night, then left to go to her day job at the attorney general's office.

Kelly appreciates how hard it is to make a small business succeed. She has seen Joe grow his business from just two employees to twenty. Kelly understands that we need our small businesses to create new jobs and help grow our economy.

To help small businesses create jobs, Kelly believes Congress should:
* Lower taxes on small business, making it easier to create jobs
* Reduce over- burdensome regulations that make it difficult for small businesses to succeed
* Pass meaningful health care reforms that lower the cost for small businesses in providing health insurance for their employees, including tort reform, allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines to increase competition, and allowing small business owners to pool together to obtain better insurance rates

Granite Staters deserve a Senator who will focus on economic development and job creation. Businesses need a pro-jobs and pro-growth environment that keeps New Hampshire competitive and encourages innovation.

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