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Issue Position: Equal Rights, Civil Rights, and Women's Issues

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Ann McLane Kuster is a longtime champion for equal rights and civil rights, and her advocacy against discrimination and in support of a woman's right to choose has earned her the support of NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY's List, the National Organization for Women, Women's Campaign Forum, and Feminist Majority. She served as Chair of the New Hampshire Bar's Gender Equality Committee, dedicated to ending gender discrimination and promoting work/family balance, and was a founder and Vice-Chair of the Women's Fund of New Hampshire.

Ann McLane Kuster supports better enforcement of the pay equity act and moving towards the goal of equal pay for equal work, including improving child care options and family medical leave to help make this possible. She also believes we must always keep women's health decisions between a woman and her medical provider, and be vigilant against efforts to rollback reproductive rights.

Ann is proud that New Hampshire is on the forefront of recognizing true equality in its marriage laws. She supports equal rights for all Americans, and thinks that government should stay out of our bedrooms. The so-called DOMA law is an intrusion into both our bedrooms and into our rights as a state -- Kuster has stated that she believes it may violate both the 10th Amendment and the Equal Protection clause of the constitution, and supports its repeal.

When over 100 former Generals and Admirals, including former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashviki tell us that we need to get rid of Don't Ask Don't Tell, it's time to listen. In fact, it is past time. When the military turns away an intelligence officer who can speak Arabic simply because he is gay it undermines both our national values and our national security. President Obama has told us he is going to end this policy and Ann McLane Kuster thinks it is time for that to happen now.

Ann supports affirmative action and salutes President Obama's recommendation that we include class-based factors when making affirmative action decisions, so that the full breath of diversity can be present in our workplaces and educational institutions.

Supporting families has been a longtime passion of hers, and one of the reasons she wrote a book with her late mother about aging and her mother's battle with Alzheimer's. At the other end of life and family care, Ann has been an adoption attorney for more than twenty five years, helping create secure and loving families.

Government can never replace the work of a loving family, but we must make sure that our laws and employment rules are structured to allow families the flexibility to support themselves and each other. Ann supports giving new parents the training and help to promote healthy development at an early age; providing respite care for caregivers of the elderly and disabled; expanding Family and Medical Leave to allow more parents to take more time off for a child's birth and enhancing leave benefits for family members caring for wounded veterans; health care reform with a strong public insurance option that guarantees all children and families access to quality, affordable care; and paid sick leave to limit the spread of contagious disease and promote the health and well-being of American workers and their families.

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