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Issue Position: Healthcare

Issue Position

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It is not the job of Government to take this over. Here also, our freedom of choice needs to be paramount. Current controversy on this topic makes it similar to the No Child Left Behind program. The actions of the Administration and Congress cannot deliver on a promise to "insure the 47 Million who are uninsured" -- not possible to insure 100% of the population. Besides, the current system has to treat those who go to the Emergency room with, or without, insurance. Unintended consequences will result in doctors leaving their practice if their incomes are threatened. Resulting in no coverage for larger numbers of people. Insurance companies will fail due to competition being ruled out. Hospitals will lose incentives for research and improvising future treatments/cures/life extensions.

If our Government is so concerned about that 47 million, fix their problem but leave the rest of us alone.

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