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Cantor Statement on National Jobs Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Eric Cantor (VA-07) today issued the following statement after the Bureau of Labor Statistics issued its national unemployment report:

"Another month, another jobs report that falls short of where we need to be. Today's report spells more bad news for the bedrock of the American economy: the private sector. Today's report reinforces that the vast majority of new jobs added to the economy over the last several months have been temporary or government jobs. During rough times, people need a paycheck and a job is a job, but stagnant or sluggish private sector job creation is simply not going to cut it.

"President Obama continues to avoid correcting the structural deficiencies in our economy. Much of what the Administration touts as a "jobs recovery' has caused -- and will continue to cause -- the deficit to soar. As the administration continues to spend, our debt keeps piling up, preventing private sector job growth. Our focus needs to be on making sure our entrepreneurs and businesspeople have the tools they need to hire and expand.

"Washington has gone on a spending spree to the tune of nearly $8,000 per person, which is an increase of $4.9 billion per day -- the highest rate of growth in our history. Instead of working together to cut spending immediately, the President continues to kick the can down the road and point to next year. Mr. President, we are out of road, and out of time and we can start working together now. In just the last month, Republicans have proposed more than $115 billion in spending cuts that Democrats have blocked. Why?

"America is at a crossroads, and grandparents and parents understand that the decisions we make today will determine what kind of country we pass on to our children and grandchildren. We have to do everything we can to leave them a better America than the one left to us. Our way of life is being threatened by an economy with too much debt because of a government that spends too much and taxes too much. We can turn things around, but we have to start today."

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