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Perriello Introduces Legislation that Would Reduce Deficit by $107 Million

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Perriello, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has introduced a bill to rescind $106.8 million in unspent transportation funds. The Surface Transportation Savings Act of 2010, which he introduced along with Rep. Mark Schauer (D-MI), rescinds excess funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Transit Administration. These funds are not available for use by these agencies in fiscal year 2010, and the savings achieved from this legislation will be used to reduce the national deficit.

"This bill is a common-sense measure that reduces the deficit and supports fiscal sanity. This bill will reduce the deficit by $106.8 million by rescinding excess funds that federal agencies have already said they cannot use. While it's a relatively small step towards achieving a balanced budget, we need to take any step we can find--from reducing our own office expenses to be the lowest in the Virginia delegation to making sure we don't spend money that these agencies admit they do not need ," said Perriello.

Specifically, the bill rescinds:

* $80,994,029 of amounts authorized for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's safety belt performance grants in FY 2010.
* $6,547,000 of amounts authorized for administrative and related operating expenses of NHTSA in FY 2010.
* $78,000 of amounts authorized for NHTSA to carry out the National Driver Register in FY 2010.
* $1,829,000 of amounts authorized for the NHTSA's highway safety research and development program in FY 2010.
* $17,394,000 of amounts authorized for the Federal Transit Administration's formula programs and bus grants in FY 2010.

The funds to be rescinded from NHTSA's safety belt performance grants program cannot be expended by the agency because only three states are expected to meet the eligibility criteria for the program. In other cases, the money targeted for rescission exceeds the appropriation for FY2010, and therefore cannot be expended.

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