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Letter to Mr. David C. Gompert, Acting Director of National Intelligence


Location: Washington, DC

Mr. David C. Gompert
Acting Director of National Intelligence
Washington, DC 20511

Dear Director Gompert:

Over the years serious questions have been raised regarding the extent of the return of American Prisoners of War (POW's) from Southeast Asia during the time after the Vietnam War. We write to ask for your help to find answers to these questions.

In years past, all of the relevant files were found in a multitude of agencies,
making any reading of the pertinent information near impossible. However, when Congress created the Director of National Intelligence position, it envisioned a case just as this where your authority could help find much needed answers. Director Gompert, the American people would be most grateful if you declassify all classified material under your authority dealing with these POW's. The Paris Peace Accords were signed over thirty years ago ending the Vietnam War. Much has changed in the ensuing years: our country has normalized relations with Vietnam and the country has healed many of its 'divisions from the conflict, yet questions remain in the eyes of the American people regarding American POW's.

Thank you for your service to America and our intelligence community. We look forward to your help in this request for openness regarding these American heroes.


Walter B. Jones
Dennis Kucinich
Ron Paul
Jim McGovern

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