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Issue Position: Health Care Reform

Issue Position

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True Health Care Reform for Our Families

I am the only candidate for Congress in the Fourth District who went to the people first about health care. I took paper and made notes on good ideas and solutions, back in September. It was a great dialogue at our town hall meetings.

I heard firsthand many good ideas for what would help, and what would not be helpful. I listened while you spoke. A bad bill puts bureaucrats between us and our doctors, raises costs and lowers quality, rations care, or cuts the Medicare promised to our seniors. This Congress gave us a bill that is even worse than bad. Americans oppose ObamaCare or anything like it. Liberal Washington knows we oppose ObamaCare. They just don't want to listen. They want to shove it down our throats.

I support real reform that will lower costs, increase competition, provide affordable insurance for those with pre-existing conditions, prevent unfair insurance policies, expand coverage, and preserve the right to see the doctor of our choice. Washington must start over and get it right.

Thomas Jefferson said the basis of our government is the opinion of the people. "The basis." "The opinion of the people." That is why town meetings are vital to our democracy. Washington doesn't want meetings. They want to tell us how it's going to be. I will listen to the people of this district and take their common sense ideas to Washington. That's what representative government is all about.

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