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Issue Position: Spending & Debt

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The Out-of-Control Spending Must Stop--It Will Destroy the Future

For too long, Congress has believed everything would be just fine, with our money and their plans to spend it. It's now clear for all to see that this is not the case. Congress is so clearly broken. Every day, the Washington power monopoly -- the liberal White House and liberal House and Senate -- pile more and more debt on our children and grandchildren. Americans are saddled with a debt above $35,000 at birth. The reckless and runaway spending must be stopped.

The so-called stimulus plan of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Ike Skelton has failed. They promised that joblessness would stop at 8%. Unemployment raced to 10%. Now, the "stimulus" has been exposed as a wasteful, ineffective plan for even bigger government. It has made recovery more difficult in our Fourth District. It lavished money on the special interests chosen by President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and their party-liners. It didn't produce anything close to the jobs families need.

I will support an immediate end to the wasteful and inefficient pork-barrel spending, a Balanced Budget Amendment and line-item veto, and a freeze on new spending except for our national defense, Medicare, and Social Security.

Basic common sense says that nobody can spend themselves rich. You can't get out of debt by borrowing more money. Congress believes the opposite. We must stop squandering the future of our children and grandchildren. One-party Washington is burying us under a mountain of deficits and new debt.

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