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Democrats Fail to Pass a Budget

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Democrats confirmed today that they will be the first House majority that has failed to pass an annual budget resolution since the Congressional Budget Act was adopted in 1974. Chris Carney and the liberal Democratic leadership have chosen to force through their spending agenda with a procedural budget trick intended to conceal the record trillion-dollar deficits that they have racked up.

"Last year, Democrats pushed through the most reckless budget in American history that served only to create more government, increase taxes and lessen the number of jobs for the citizens of this country," stated Tom Marino, the Republican nominee for Congress in Pennsylvania's 10th District. "The Democrats failure to yet again produce a responsible budget aimed at putting an end to out-of-control government spending is unacceptable," added Marino.

"I am very disappointed that Chris Carney and his fellow liberal Democrats in Congress are unable to work in a bipartisan way to pass a budget," stated Marino. "Liberal Chris Carney owes the people of the 10th District an explanation as to why he and his leadership continue to support out-of-control government spending." "The American people deserve better," Marino concluded.

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