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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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We must rely on American energy.

Every sector of our economy runs on abundant, reliable and inexpensive energy. America has enough energy to meet the needs of our country, but our current energy and environmental policy encourages drilling and importation of our energy from other countries. While wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric all show great promise for the distant future, in the near future none of them can provide more than 7% of our energy needs. For the security and prosperity of our country, we must allow more drilling, refining and distribution of American oil and natural gas. It is time to stop regulating like it is 1970 and start producing our own energy.

Natural gas is a terrific fuel option, but our government continues to select other energy options, rather than allow the free market to decide the best fuels. Natural gas is clean burning, readily available and cost effective. With new natural gas technologies and more on the way, it could solve our energy problems for decades. Technologies like hydraulic fracturing create a small profile above the ground and an abundance of reliable energy supply for our economy.

For our own national and financial security, we must stop exporting our dollars overseas as we import our energy. Allowing more drilling and more refineries does not mean we will go back to the smog of the 1970's, it means we will have inexpensive, reliable energy and it will help solve some of our national security issues as we stop transferring the wealth of our nation to other nations.

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