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Issue Position: Monetary Policy

Issue Position

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It doesn't take a genius to figure out basic fiscal sanity: if you spend more money than you make, you go into debt. And if you continue to go into debt, eventually you go bankrupt. Yet our federal government and the career politicians in D.C. think that there is some special formula that doesn't apply to government. That if they continue to borrow and spend, it will somehow produce positive results. The simple fact is that government never has and never will produce wealth; government can only take or spend wealth, but it can't produce it.

Our current deficit continues to grow and each year we pay around half a trillion dollars just on interest- that's trillion with a T, not billion with a B! Let me say that again, we are spending almost $500,000,000,000 every year on interest payments alone! And the federal government's answer is to throw over seven hundred billion dollars at bankers so they can make sure to get their multi-million dollar bonuses, while the average American family has to have both the husband and wife working just to pay bills. And that's if they are fortunate enough to keep their jobs and not be laid off.

It is time we replace the fiscal insanity taking place in D.C. with fiscal responsibility. It is time we lower spending AND lower taxes. It is time we stop sending money overseas for abortions; wasting money on grants to study earthworms; giving money to special interests groups, companies, and CEOs because they've helped keep corrupt politicians in power. It is time we force the government to live within its' means, like we are all being forced to do in these slow economic times. It is time we send each of the bailout voters home to try and find real jobs like over 10% of Americans are being forced to do. It is time they come face-to-face with the problems they helped create. And it is time we addressed the root cause of the problem rather than attempting to fix it by simply applying a band-aid.

We must lower taxes. We must cut spending. We must balance the budget. We must audit the Federal Reserve. And we must stop borrowing from repressive regimes like China and Saudi Arabia. We must take our country back before we bankrupt it, causing our children and future generations to wake up one day and find themselves to be slaves.

Article 1 Section 8.5 (The Congress shall have power…)To coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin, and fix the standard of weights and measures.

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