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Blog: Congress Decides to not Pass Budget


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A little-noticed news story today drove home in just a hundred words or so what is wrong with the current leadership in Congress. The leaders of the Democratic majority in Congress have decided that they will not pass a budget this year--the first time that there will not be a budget resolution since the current rules were put in place in 1974.

Why? Fear of the political consequences for members of Congress who would then have one more vote to explain to an electorate that is ever more skeptical about runaway federal spending.

This is, of course, the same Congressional majority that passed a $767 billion "stimulus" bill, set in motion a federal takeover of one-sixth of the American economy, passed a second stimulus bill late last year only to see it rejected by the Senate, and is now discussing a $50 billion bailout of state and local governments.

A family that fails to set and follow a budget is likely to regret it.

A business that does not set a budget is all but doomed to fail.

A great country without a budget is a nation without priorities, lurching from one crisis to another while spending money wildly and running up a trillion-dollar tab for future generations to pay.

That, sadly, is the fiscal state of the American Republic today. My opponent has helped bring us to this point through his votes and his failure to lead. I am running because we deserve better.

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