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Healthcare at Three Months

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Madam Speaker, you may remember that the American people were told that Congress had to pass the health care bill so they could find out what was in it.

After 3 months, the American people have found out what was in the new law, and they still don't like it. The latest Rasmussen poll from just this week shows that 55 percent oppose the law. And they have good reasons to be upset.

New HHS rules published just a few weeks ago will mean that many companies and individuals will be forced to change to plans that meet the government's new standards. So much for ``if you like your plan you can keep it,'' as the President said.

For seniors, CBO reports that half of all Medicare Advantage plans will end in the coming years. Seniors who were receiving vision and dental coverage on these plans will now be forced to buy costly supplemental coverage. The more layers we peel away, the less there is to like about ObamaCare.

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