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Gov. Perry Discusses the Impact of Hurricane Alex

Location: Austin, TX

Thank you all for being here. We want to give you an update on our response to Alex as it continues to drench South Texas.

When it comes to tropical storms, experience has taught us to prepare for the worst and pray for the best.

It looks like Hurricane Alex has turned out fairly well for Texas.

When Alex formed and headed our way, we took the appropriate measures to protect our citizens in the projected impact zone and positioned the necessary resources for a direct hit.

Although Hurricane Alex made landfall in Mexico, South Texas has been feeling its share of heavy rain and wind.

As the storm moves west, the biggest threat to South Texas is flooding caused by runoff from the Rio Grande into nearby communities, especially the Colonias.

Texans should stay alert, keeping an eye on changing weather conditions and an ear tuned to local officials until Alex subsides. I want to say a special word of thanks to our entire Emergency Management team from Nim Kidd, who led our team through his first storm as chief to local officials who kept their communities informed and prepared for the first storm of the season.

We're also grateful to state and local law enforcement as well as members of Texas Military Forces Texas Task Forces 1 & 2 and our volunteer organizations, state agencies, and private sector partners.

Each of these groups responded to the call with their usual degree of professionalism.

While we breathe a sigh of relief at this near miss, Alex was a wakeup call for the people of Texas.

Experts are predicting 2010 will be the most active storm season we've seen in a while, so we need to remain vigilant in the weeks to come. Before they go back to business as usual, Texans need to take inventory and make sure they're prepared to handle the next storm.

Whether that's setting aside the necessary supplies like food & water preparing their property to withstand a storm or thinking through an evacuation plan now is the time to get ready not when the winds kick up again.

Texans faced this storm together, and we'll continue to deal with other challenges the same way: with planning, deliberate action and concern for one another.

That's the Texas way.

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