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Blog: 4 Months to Go!


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Well, we're only 4 months away from what could be the most significant election in recent American history. Do the American people want more of the same -- bigger government, more power in Washington, red ink as far as the eye can see, more government takeovers and bailouts, and more power for Nancy "we have to pass the bill to see what's in it" Pelosi? Or are the American people more than ready for change from The Change? I'm betting on the latter.

A few interesting things happened over the last week which demonstrate how truly arrogant and out of touch with the American people this Administration and this Congress are.

First, Vice President Joe Biden, while doing a PR tour in Glendale, Wisconsin, angrily called the manager of Kopp's Frozen Custard a "smartass" when the poor guy had the audacity to ask Biden to "lower his taxes." (To Biden this is apparently one of the "small people" that that arrogant BP executive was referring to.)

Then Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (the guy who didn't pay his own taxes, but expects the rest of us "small people" to do so) says that the world "cannot depend on the United States as it did in the past." So much for American Exceptionalism. Geithner's downgrading of the U.S. role in today's world reminds me a lot of what President Obama said when he was asked whether he believed in American Exceptionalism (the belief that America is uniquely qualified to lead the world.) Obama's response: "I believe in American Exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British Exceptionalism, and the Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism." (Translation: no, he does not believe in American Exceptionalism. We're just one more country -- no better or worse than any other.) Thank God Woodrow Wilson, and FDR, and Ronald Reagan didn't see it that way.

At the G-20 meeting in Toronto, it became very clear, very quickly, that President Obama is to the left of what we used to think of as leftist "Old Europe." Most of the European leaders, as well as Canada, and even China, are worried about out-of-control government spending and the resulting debt burden on countries around the world. They see Greece as a warning sign of what will happen if they don't get their fiscal houses in order. President Obama says nothing to worry about here, just keep spending like there's no tomorrow. They're right -- he's wrong.

And finally, Nancy Pelosi, the most liberal, big-spending Speaker of the House in our nation's history, was in town Saturday to raise money in Indian Hill for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). The DCCC spent $1.6 million on Steve Driehaus's campaign last time, and will spend a ton this time too. Why not, he votes with Nancy Pelosi virtually every time. (94.8% to be exact.) However, she's so unpopular with the American people due to her leftist policies, that they wanted to slide her into town below the radar screen, raise their cash, and slide back out of town without anyone realizing she was ever here.

No doubt they raised a lot of money which will go towards the effort to keep the liberals' stranglehold on all levers of power in Washington after November 2nd. If you would like to counter the benefit Steve Driehaus will get from Pelosi's visit, you can make a contribution to my campaign by clicking here. Coincidentally, today, Wednesday, June 30th, is the last day of the second quarter of this year, and we have to report what we've raised by midnight today. So a contribution today is particularly helpful to my campaign.

As I've mentioned before, we are well positioned to win this race. There have been three polls done so far: one shows us up by 14 points, one by 17 points, and the third poll was done by the Driehaus Campaign, and they won't release the results of it (you can draw your own conclusions why!)

But we're taking nothing for granted. We're not going to rest on our laurels, or get overconfident. We are going to continue to work very hard, fight the good fight, and win. It's critical that conservatives like myself do, if we are to have any chance of changing the dangerous course that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama have set for this nation.

Please, act now. And, Remember in November!

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