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Issue Position: Cut Government Spending

Issue Position

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Rosemary Brown understands what matters most to our families and seniors
because she lives the same life as we do. Most importantly, she has the business
background and real world experience to change the way Harrisburg works
and get our state back on track.

Whether during her time as an accomplished businesswoman or today in her own home, Rosemary does what we do in the real world when times are tough: makes smart decisions that cut spending in a budget. In Harrisburg, she will do the same -- and finally bring some sanity to the budget process.

Stop Spending Money We Don't Have
In just the last eight years, Governor Rendell and his political allies have exploded our state's budget by more than 40% -- and increased our debt by nearly 30%. Rosemary will introduce legislation to limit any budget to worst-case projections of revenues for the following year…that way we stop spending what we don't have.

Focus On Priorities
The first step to saving tax dollars is to stop wasting them. That's why Rosemary will focus the state budget on priorities like education, public safety, property tax relief and job creation. If we can't afford more than the basics, we shouldn't put them in the budget.

Plan for the Future
For too long, Governor Rendell and his allies have looked at the budget as a one-year deal. That's not smart. Rosemary will plan for the future by working to make Harrisburg utilize budget forecasting at the 1-, 5- and 10-year timeframes -- then insist on budgets sticking to conservative estimates included in those forecasts.

Cut Wasteful and Outdated Programs
How did state government get so big? By adding new programs, but never ending them when they no longer make sense.

Even worse, Governor Rendell and his allies continue to add long-term programs paid for by short-term federal monies; now, when the federal money runs out we will be stuck paying for those programs.

Rosemary will do what she has done in the business world and at home: review the budget line-by-line to see what works, what doesn't and what can be eliminated. While that review is taking place, Rosemary will start by following the State Auditor General's bipartisan recommendations for programs that should be cut or eliminated.

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