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Issue Position: Property Taxes

Issue Position

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Dealing With Property Taxes Once and For All

Rosemary Brown understands what matters most to our families and seniors
because she lives the same life as we do. Most importantly, she has the business background and real world experience to change the way Harrisburg works and get our state back on track.

As a 35 year resident, the daughter of two older parents and a homeowner herself, Rosemary Brown knows that soaring property taxes are forcing too many residents to have to make difficult decisions or sell their homes. She also knows that the politicians in Harrisburg promised property tax relief, but continue to let us down. This is her plan to do something about it …

Step One: Force the State to Keep Its Promise
Despite passing gaming legislation and promising to use the money to reduce our local property taxes, the politicians are spending it on their pet projects -- including to build a stadium in Pittsburgh! As Representative, Rosemary will stand up to the politicians and force them to keep their promise and provide real property tax relief with that money.

Step Two: Find a Better System
The problem with property taxes is that they are unfair to homeowners and seniors. The best solution is to replace the current system with a new way to fund our schools that is fair to all taxpayers and ensures our local schools receive the funding they need. As Representative, Rosemary will investigate the many proposals to find the best way to eliminate property taxes once and for all.

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