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Issue Position: Crime

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

I am proud to be the endorsed candidate of the Fraternal Order of Police. There are few jobs in society tougher than that of a police officer.

The Boyle Crime Plan calls for the following:
1. Hire more police officers
2. Increase the budget for the Witness Protection Program 3. End parole for repeat violent offenders

I put together this proposal after extensive talks with the police, other law enforcement officials, and the D.A.'s office. The plan is comprehensive and will help us tackle the crime problem from many different angles.

My comprehensive, anti-crime plan will hire more police officers to combat our city's crime epidemic.

Our officers are doing an excellent job, but we need more of them in our neighborhoods and on our streets to stop crime before it happens.

My idea on the witness protection program came directly from talking to police officers and prosecutors who tell me what a big problem it is to get witnesses to come forward. An increase in funding will allow us to protect those who want to come forward but are afraid to do so.

I strongly support measures that empower our police to arrest more criminals,and keep prisoners in jail serving longer sentences. There is no reason why repeat violent offenders should be paroled before their sentences are fully served.

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