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Issue Position: Energy Independence

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

"Energy Independence is not just critical to our economic security, it also is crucial to our national security. We must stop being dependent on other countries for oil. We need to build more nuclear plants, invest in alternative fuels and drill off shore in an environmentally sound way. But we must ensure that Florida's beaches are protected." -- Rick Scott

* Rick will fight to ensure that any future offshore drilling does not negatively impact Florida's beaches. As we explore the expansion of domestic drilling in the U.S. we must ensure that we have sound policies in place that ensure the companies drilling are doing so in an environmentally sound way and adhering to the strictest of safety standards.
* Rick believes that energy independence is essential to America's economic vitality.
* Rick believes it is a bit ridiculous that foreign countries can drill for oil a few miles off Florida's shores while, our citizens are getting hammered by high gasoline prices.
* Rick supports expansion of nuclear power, use of alternative fuels and off-shore drilling.

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