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Issue Position: Border Security

Issue Position

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"A legal immigration system where everyone plays by the rules is fundamental to our economic and national security." -- Rick Scott

Immigrants founded America and as the land of opportunity we should welcome those who play by the rules and enter our country legally. Our government has failed to keep its promise to the American people to secure our borders and stop illegal immigration. By definition anyone who is here illegally has broken our laws and mocked our laws. As a nation that is based on the rule of law we must reject amnesty, send those who are here illegally home and secure our borders.

* Rick believes border security is an economic and national security issue.
* Rick is opposed to amnesty and will fight amnesty for lawbreakers.
* Rick supports measures like the Arizona law that allow enforcement of already existing law. It is commonsense; if you are breaking the law then law enforcement should be able to ask for identification that shows you are in the United States legally. The only people who have reason to fear the law are people who are here illegally. States like Arizona are in a crisis situation because the career politicians and the federal government have FAILED to secure our border.
* Rick believes those who immigrate to America must come here legally, play by the rules and respect our laws.

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