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Issue Position: Accountability in Budgeting

Issue Position

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"If politicians could've solved Florida's problems they would've been solved by now. State government is headed in the wrong direction. Our budget is a mess and we are facing a $3 billion shortfall. Floridians have a choice in this election between the failed policies of the past or new solutions for our future. My new solutions will start by running our state government more like a business implementing what I call "Accountability Budgeting.' Accountability Budgeting will help us live within our means and balance our State budget without Obama's bailouts. In business my focus was giving the customer the most for their money, and as governor my focus will be giving taxpayers the most for their money, giving Floridians more freedom to live our lives with less government intrusion." -- Rick Scott

These are challenging times for our nation and our state. Over a million Floridians are out of work and our state government is facing a budget deficit of over $3 billion. The situation will only be worse when our next governor takes office. Politicians got us into this mess. We will not solve our problems with the same old people and the same old ideas. We need fresh conservative ideas and new leadership. It is time for taxpayers to take our state back and get government working for us and not the special interests. We need a businessman who knows how to create jobs and has a record of balancing budgets and getting results.

* Rick will institute Accountability Budgeting. He will make each state agency set annual goals for every dollar they spend, then measure their performance against those goals and hold them accountable for their outcomes.
* Rick will force the bureaucrats to justify the way they spend our tax dollars. Holding them accountable will help eliminate waste, increase efficiencies and eliminate ineffective programs.

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