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Issue Position: Energy

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Powering the Future: Focusing on Green Energy in Vermont


On a global level, as we move off our addiction to oil, huge money is going to be made. This new economy has the potential to make the industrial revolution and the tech boom of the past look small. Peter believes that Vermont is uniquely situated to get a piece of this economic opportunity.

Fighting climate change may be the paramount challenge of our time, but it's not a zero-sum game. If we're smart about it, we can create a sustainable future for ourselves while at the same time laying the groundwork for future prosperity.


Peter returned to the Vermont Senate in 2006, driven in large part by his commitment to combating climate change. Since 2006 Peter has played a key leadership role in passing two climate change bills. One of these bills, called "the toughest climate change bill in the nation" by Al Gore, would have expanded Efficiency Vermont to cover all fuels, not just electricity.

Although Governor Douglas vetoed that bill, Peter remained committed to delivering on its critical investments in in-state renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Both bills created well-paid jobs, lowered Vermonter's energy and heating bills, and reduced our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

Under Peter's leadership, Vermont became the first state in the country to pass "standard offer" legislation that sets standard offer rates for renewable energy projects in Vermont. The legislation has seen great success, with a record number of renewable energy generation projects being proposed and funded since its passage.

Peter promoted and helped to pass a 2008 economic development bill with key green provisions. At his urging, the legislation included the Entrepreneurs' Seed Capital Fund, which invests stimulus funds into start up green energy companies and developed more predictable requirements for wind and hydro development.

The Future: Green Energy In Vermont

As governor, Peter will focus his efforts on building a strong renewable energy economy that will grow businesses, create well-paid jobs, save Vermonters money, get us off our addiction to oil, and take important steps to fight the looming specter of climate change.

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