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Issue Position: Jobs

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Job Creation: A Brighter Economic Future


Too many Vermonters are struggling to find a job, pay mounting bills on stagnant incomes and make a good living in a state that has become unaffordable for many. Vermont needs to take advantage of its natural assets -- its beautiful landscape, sense of community, quality education system and hard working citizens to achieve our potential and create a brighter economic future. With Peter Shumlin as Governor, Vermont will capitalize on our assets, not disparage them for political gain, in order to get a piece of the new economy, boost our small businesses, create good paying jobs and make Vermont a state where our children can return to in order to make a good living and raise their families.


At the age of 23, Peter and his brother, Jeff, took over their family's small business in Putney, Vermont ( Through Vermont ingenuity and old-fashioned hard work, the small business grew into a thriving company that today employs 15 full time staff. The experience taught Peter how to create good jobs for Vermonters, generate revenue and expand a company.

A social liberal and a fiscal conservative, Peter has consistently fought for a tax policy in Vermont that encourages economic development. During his time in the legislature, Peter has cut income taxes three times, fought for all working Vermonters -- not just high-income earners to receive tax cuts, and sponsored and passed a bill to eliminate the sales tax on clothing and shoes.

At the beginning of the most recent legislative session, Peter made a commitment to focusing on job creation. Working with Senate and House leadership, he played a critical role in the passage of two successful jobs bills. The legislation has given growing businesses access to much needed capital with the creation of the entrepreneurs seed fund, expanded broadband access and provided job training for Vermonters. Peter also introduced and helped to pass legislation that would protect small Vermont businesses from credit card company abuse.

As Governor

As your Governor, Peter will work tirelessly so every Vermonter has the opportunity to stay in Vermont and make a living for his or her family.

A small business owner, Peter understands that Vermont small businesses are the backbone of our economy. As Governor, Peter would reinvest in our small businesses by expanding broadband to every last mile by 2012, continue to make capital available to growing businesses, and retrain our workforce. Peter would also put an end to the Douglas/Dubie practice of publicizing how "bad" Vermont is for business. Peter often says that he has never sold a product by telling people how bad it is. Instead, Peter will highlight Vermont's many strengths and encourage people to start businesses and grow jobs in Vermont.

A successful economic development initiative that will create thousands of good jobs is not done in one year by only looking at the short term. A Governor needs to have the vision to look two, four and six years ahead at what the global economy will look like. On a global level, as we move off our addiction to oil, huge money is going to be made. This new economy has the potential to make the industrial revolution and the tech boom of the past look small. Peter's business experience, record of getting tough things done and vision make him the candidate that will ensure Vermont gets a piece of this economic opportunity.

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