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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

"I believe in a family doctor for every family. It's not right that hard working Americans are struggling to afford health care and prescription drugs while were strangling small businesses with the cost of their employees coverage. The market hasn't solved this problem, and it's not going to as long as big insurance and drug companies are profiting at our expense. In Congress, I'll fight to ensure the health care reform just passed gives people more choices not less, including the choice to stay with the doctor they have now. We need to make insurance companies compete to keep costs down and quality up. And we need to fight fraud and abuse that disenfranchises senior citizens and drives up costs. We also need to set high standards to keep deductibles low, stop insurance companies from cherry picking patients and guarantee preventive care like cancer screening that cuts long term costs and saves lives."

"My wife and I know how valuable Jackson Memorial Hospital is to our community because that's where our daughter, Gaby, was born. I will make it one of my top priorities to work with Jackson so it makes much-needed reforms and to ensure it receives the funding it needs to keep its doors open and provide our community with quality care."

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