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Issue Position: Illegal Immigration and Border Security

Issue Position

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Americans must never forget that we are a special nation filled with wonderful and diverse people who understandably come here to enjoy the benefits of citizenship. However, we are not a nation that should apologize for securing its borders or seeking ways to safeguard its citizens from those who seek to do us harm.

As a small business owner, I understand the negative effect of illegal immigration has on our economy.

I only support a pathway to citizenship where the rule of law is upheld. Laws exist to promote social order and stability. Therefore, our government has an obligation to enforce them; conversely, those seeking a pathway to citizenship must do the same.

I believe:

* The rule of law must be upheld, regardless of the circumstances.
* Amnesty is an inappropriate solution and would be damaging to the financial and public health of this nation.
* When people break our laws they should be punished, not rewarded.
* Employers and businesses that knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be levied with heavy fines.
* Solutions to the illegal immigration crisis begin with enforcing our borders and national sovereignty.
* We must finish building REAL barriers, not virtual fences, to protect our borders.
* Once the borders are secure, we can reexamine if other changes to our immigration laws are necessary.

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