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Issue Position: Energy and the Environment

Issue Position

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Fossil fuels are responsible for keeping our homes cool in the sweltering summer months and keeping our transportation systems running. It should also be regarded as the most important factor in securing our national security. Since the first oil derrick was erected in Pennsylvania in 1859 the U.S. has used close to one trillion barrels of oil. Most of that oil comes from countries that want to do us harm. It is unfathomable to me why we continue to spend over $750 billion on foreign oil and give that money to countries that hate and want to destroy us.

We have natural gas and oil in Alaska, off the shores of California, in the gulf states and off our own shores right here in Florida. It is incomprehensible why we continue to send our money overseas. It's been estimated that the untapped natural fields of fuels we have will supply our country for the next 250 years. We need to begin oil exploration here and now.

We have the technology to extract natural gas and oil in a safe, environmentally sound manner that would not harm the landscape of America. The question you must ask yourself is this; can we remove it from the ground cleaner and safer than Saudi Arabia, China or Venezuela? I believe that American ingenuity can and that we already do. So, the answer is simple--we must expand drilling off the shores of Florida, but no closer than 125 miles from our coastline that would not interfere with our coral reefs or serve as an eye-sore, thereby deterring tourism.

Tapping into this natural resource, will not only lower gas prices, but will also open up employment opportunities for thousand of Floridians.

However, the radical environmentalist lobby seems to control Congress. They are more concerned with protecting the spotted owl, caribou and polar bears from displacement. This is the same government has no problem displacing you through eminent domain if they need your home for a municipal parking lot. They will take your property without batting an eye. Who's protecting the taxpayers?

These are only two examples of how exploration off the coast of Florida would have an immediate positive impact on our local economy. We would stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars overseas, and create tens of thousands of new jobs, helping to stimulate the economy through business, rather than through YOUR hard-earned tax dollars. Florida's natural resources hold a special place in my heart. I am a tremendous fan of the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. My family and I value the earth and all of its natural beauty, and take the time to enjoy fishing and boating off Florida's coastlines.

At the same time, we must continue to develop an energy independence plan. American ingenuity has been the backbone of technology in this country for over two hundred years. It will continue to be our finest and most valuable asset for years to come. I truly believe that as Americans we can be the leader of the world in the field of renewable alternative energy sources.

I support the expansion of nuclear energy. It has been proven safe and efficient. I also support the expansion of solar energy. It is shocking to me that the state of Washington has more rainfall than Florida, and also more solar energy than we do. It is time to turn that around.

The reasonable and appropriate development of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal and improved hydroelectric facilities, as well as oil exploration in the United States are issues that cannot be ignored. America must work diligently to adapt and discover new and alternative fuels sources for the national security of the country and economic well being of generations to come.

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