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Issue Position: Economy

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When small businesses thrive, so does our economy. It is the small businesses throughout America that spur the entrepreneurial engine of our economy, not the government.

As a small business owner, I know my family and I help to supply the fuel that drives that engine. It has always been the small business owner who takes the risks to achieve the American dream. Taking risks by expanding a business, coming up with a new innovation or servicing their community, small business not only provide for themselves, but for the family members of the employee's who work for them.

When the federal government sees fit to laden them with heavy tax burdens and government regulations, they make it extremely difficult to conduct business as usual. Similarly, as the federal government seeks to punish banks and their management, they are indirectly hurting small business owners whose banks will cease to provide loans or limit the size or volume of loans issued.

I can relate to the worries about meeting payroll and other financial obligations, while striving to remain competitive. While most of the Members of Congress have never had to meet a payroll, they are the ones who keep telling us how to conduct our business affairs by placing regulations and tax burdens upon us.

In addition high taxes, increased regulations and punishing banks, businesses will be unable to compete here at home, but almost impossible to compete in the global market place.

All these regulations do is stifle economic growth and increase unemployment.

That has to stop.

I believe in the free enterprise system. I believe that less regulation and lower taxes encourage growth. Our economy works best when people have more income in their pockets and businesses have more money to invest and create jobs. In my business, I have learned to become a fiscal conservative and I will carry that philosophy into Congress.

I will fight against higher taxes and wasteful government spending.

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