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Congressman Pallone, Jr. Statement on the Bloody Sunday Report


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06), a member of the Friends of Ireland Caucus in the House of Representatives, Wednesday issued the following statement on the Saville Report and the Bloody Sunday shootings. On January 30th, 1972, about 10,000 protestors gathered in opposition to the practice of detention without trial. Without direct threat members of the British Parachute Regiment opened fire on protestors causing the death of 14 people, 7 of which were teenagers. The Bloody Sunday shootings led to 38 years of contention in Northern Ireland, bringing direct British rule of the Parliament in Belfast until the Good Friday power-sharing agreement in 1998. The report issued by the British Parliament found that the attack against the unarmed civilians was unwarranted and caused the needless loss of life for 14 innocent individuals.

"I would like to commend Prime Minister Cameron on releasing the Saville Report so early in his term and setting a precedent of honesty and integrity within his administration. Today the families of those killed and wounded 38 years ago in Derry, Northern Ireland, on the infamous day known as "Bloody Sunday", will gain closure. Today, the world finally knows the truth- and the 14 protestors killed in Derry on January 30th, 1972 were innocent. The brutal military action taken against them was unjustified and unprovoked by these blameless civilian citizens.

"The Saville Report has exonerated those killed and wounded on Bloody Sunday and has brought vindication to their families. With the British government's recognition of the facts within the report, the world can now be certain of the actions that occurred that day. I hope the families affected by this tragedy 38 years ago may now be able to move on and find solace in the light this report has shed on the actual events of Bloody Sunday."

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