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Affordable Health Care for America Act

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. Speaker, a lot of Americans seem to have been misled that they are not going to be able to see their doctors under Medicare anymore because of some legislation that came out of here. This bill today makes it emphatically clear that that is emphatically not true.

The bill today restores the full reimbursement rate for doctors and for other providers who see America's senior citizens. The majority of us wanted to make that a permanent fix last summer. Only one minority Member voted for that. The majority of us wanted to extend that far beyond this just a few weeks ago. Almost no one on the minority side voted for that. Today, I assume just about everybody is going to vote for this, and I'm glad, but let the record be clear: No one here is prepared to see a day when Medicare doctors turn their patients away that is not the truth. I yield back the balance of my time.


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