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Kerry Statement Following Today's Democratic Energy Caucus


Location: Washington, DC

Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.), co-author of the Senate's comprehensive energy and climate change legislation, delivered the following remarks at the media stake-out after a full caucus discussion on bringing a bill to the floor this summer that puts American on the road to energy independence:

"I just left one of the most motivating, energized, and even inspirational caucuses that I've been a part of since I've been here in the Senate for twenty-six years. People spoke their minds. They spoke with passion and commitment about moving forward. Moving forward on what? On creating millions of jobs in America, on reducing our dependency on foreign oil, and securing control of our own energy future while reducing pollution based on the principle that the polluter pays for the pollution that they create.

"Everybody was in agreement that this is the moment. In January, the EPA has said it will move to regulate those sources of pollution in our country. Many companies have come to the table, many industries have come to the table. We have gas and coal and nuclear and renewable and alternative and energy efficiency and many others, all of whom believe this is the moment to create these jobs in our country and secure our energy future. We're convinced that we can do it. We obviously need some Republicans to stand up and be with us, but we're determined to bring a bill to the floor of the Senate that we think is reasonable, makes sense, and that will help Americans be able to grab a hold of the future and not leave it to China and India and Brazil and other countries that are moving much faster than we are."

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